A.    Name – The word Genesis comes from the Greek word meaning “beginning” or “generation.” The word “genesis” is translated “generation” in Matt. 1:1. Genesis contains 10 references to the “generations of…” (2:4; 5:1; 6:9; 10:1; 11:10; 11:27; 25:12: 25:19; 36:1; 36:9; 37:2)

B.    Purpose – The Bible is the story of God’s Son. It is a story told through the stories of many sons; sons of promise and blessing that foreshadow Jesus and stories of fallen sons at enmity with God that are antithetical to Jesus. Genesis is the story of beginnings, recounting the creation, kingship and fall of Adam and subsequently, all mankind (1-3). Genesis focuses on the warring families that resulted from God’s promise of enmity, salvation and seed in Gen 3:15 (4-10). Many sons are born who are believed to be the promised heir, but they all fall short. In the midst of this war, the family of Abraham is chosen specifically to bear the covenant relationship and responsibility on earth to restore man to his rightful place. This family’s story is recounted in the largest portion of Genesis (11-52). Joseph rises to rule the known world. Genesis ends with Joseph’s death while the restoration of mankind remains unfulfilled. Abraham’s descendants never enter the Promised Land but instead are living in Egypt at the close of Genesis. When would the true heir come? When will the bondage of sin and death be defeated?

  1. A.    Outline                                                             

Son                                                                        Chapter

1)     Adam and his sons                                   1-4

a)     Creation                                                          1-2

b)     The fall                                                           3

c)     The proto-evangel                                          3:15

d)     Cain and Abel                                                 4


2)     The rise of Seth and his sons                   4-6

a)     The Generations of Seth                                 4-5

b)     Corruption spreads                                         5-6


3)     The rise of Noah and his Sons                 6-10

a)     Noah’s call                                                         6

b)     Flood                                                                  7-8

c)     The Reign of Noah                                             8-9

d)     Fall of Ham                                                         9

e)     The generations of Noah                                   10


4)     The rise of Shem and his sons                 10-11

a)     Tower of Babel                                                     11

b)     The Generations of Shem                                    11


5)     The rise of Abraham and His sons           12-50

a)     Call of Abraham                                                         12

b)     Abraham separates from Lot                                     13

c)     Abraham rescues Lot                                                 14

d)     God’s covenant with Abraham                                  15

e)     The cursed son Ishmael                                            16

f)      The Covenant of Circumcision                                  17

g)     Abraham increases while Lot decreases                  17-19

h)     God blesses Abraham through Abimelech                20


6)     Isaac the promised son                             21-35

i)      The promised son Isaac                                                 21

ii)    The sacrifice of Isaac                                                       22

iii)  The death of Sarah                                                           23

iv)   Isaac and Rebekah                                                          24

v)     The death of Abraham                                                    25

vi)   God blesses Isaac through Abimelech                             26


7)     Jacob the struggling son                           25-35

i)      Jacob wrestles with Esau                                               25-33

ii)    Jacob wrestles with Laban                                              28-31

iii)  Jacob wrestles with God                                                    32

iv)   Jacob’s sons wrestle with the Hivites                               34

v)     Jacob renamed Israel                                                    35

vi)   The Generations of Esau                                                36


8)     Joseph the suffering son                           37-50

i)      Joseph’s dream                                                           37

ii)    Joseph sold into slavery                                                37

iii)  Judah’s unfaithfulness                                                     38

iv)   Joseph’s faithfulness                                                      39

v)     Joseph’s rise to power                                                  40-41

vi)   Joseph’s brothers in Egypt                                              42-46

vii) Israel settles in Egypt                                                        47-50

viii) Israel blesses his sons                                                      49


Author: Michael Kloss

There is a Sunday conscience, as well as a Sunday coat; and those who make religion a secondary concern put the coat and conscience carefully by to put on only once a week. - Charles Dickens

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