So That You Believe

John 6:27 Do not work for the food that perishes, but for the food that endures to eternal life, which the Son of Man will give to you. For on him God the Father has set his seal.”

Jesus commands us to labor for the food which endures to everlasting life. He tells us not to give ourselves to idolatrous labor for that food which perishes in the mouth.

The Father honors Jesus with the name that is above every other name – that that the whole world would bow the knee to Him. The victorious kings give gifts to His entourage and that includes the loaf of living bread. The Son of man gives us living bread because the Father has sealed us in Him in glory by His Holy Spirit.

The disciples then asked Jesus, “how do we work of this bread?” Jesus gave an enigmatic answer; the work the Father does in us is that we believe in Jesus Christ and in thus – we receive this bread.

We sit down at this table in faith. We meditate on what this loaded table means, by faith. We feed by faith. We receive Jesus – the living manna by faith.

We truly are what we eat. By faith we feed on the faithful one and by doing so the Father multiplies His grace to us and in us.

If you show this table contempt, then God uses as a means of judgement. Rather, honor the table, and look to the one who endured all judgment for us on the cross.

We look away then from ourselves and our faithlessness to the one who was faithful in everything – unto death – unto eternal glory above us and above all principalities and powers. To the one whose hands are full for giving.

Look upon Him now and behold, in faith, the food of the gospel.

So, Come and welcome to Jesus Christ.


**In order to learn how to write decent Communion meditations, I am imitating others. This is was a rewrite of Pr. Wilson’s (So come and Welcome to Jesus Christ, Morning reading, January 2nd.).


Author: Michael Kloss

There is a Sunday conscience, as well as a Sunday coat; and those who make religion a secondary concern put the coat and conscience carefully by to put on only once a week. - Charles Dickens

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