The Fullness of Christ, The Fullness of Life

The more I deal with my own sin and the sin of others, I am convinced that our problem is one of fullness – of satisfaction and contentment. Our lack of fullness manifests itself in our insatiable lusts, our anxieties and insecurities. We have hungry hearts and hungry stomachs and hungry egos – that are often, unsatisfied.

Fellas, you know that you are hungry creatures. You lust for power, position, respect – flesh and food and drink. You want more. You are never satisfied. We aren’t hungry for Christ’s power, position, food or drink. The food of his word.

We want more than our daily bread. We want more than what our wives offer. We want more from the toke, the joke, the drink, the look…. How can I overtake the next guy, make the deal, build it better, get the promotion…?

Christ’s food and drink was to do the will of His father. Our food and drink is our will – our appetites – our desires.

And we wonder why we are unsatisfied, grumpy and restless – it’s because we never rest in Him, finding our full satisfaction in Jesus Christ alone. If we have appetites that cannot be satisfied in Jesus Christ, they will never be satisfied. No amount of sports, pop-culture or cuisine, can fill us. No authority on this earth can satiate us.  We feel empty because we are seeking to fill what Christ’s grace will not fill.

And yet consider what is offered to us in John 1:16 “For from Christ’s fullness we have all received, grace upon grace.” Our enemy Satan is a murderer and is not satisfied until our virtues, faith, relationships; our very lives and souls lay in a dead heap.  And he murders us by encouraging and satisfying all the appetites that are not satisfied in Christ.

It’s like eating subtraction soup. The more subtraction soup we eat the hungrier we become – we eat and eat until the very soup itself consumes us. This is how lust works.  Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. He is your position and power. He is your food and drink.

Ladies, sisters, you have the same problem. You are anxious and insecure, and both are issues of fullness. Are you ever so secure that there is nothing to fear? Are you ever so well provided for, that there is never any reason to be anxious?

You ask yourselves, “Am I teaching the kids enough -well enough? Does hubby make enough? Am I beautiful enough, thin enough, sexy enough? Are we going to run out of food? How high is the electric bill going to be? Do I cook as well as his mom? What if the kids hurt themselves on accident? I can’t disappoint him again. Why don’t I have better friends? What’s wrong with me?

Will you ever receive that compliment that secures you permanently in your beauty, intelligence, competence and grace?

Can you ever satisfy your husband enough so that he never even thinks about looking at another woman?

You are trying to satisfy appetites with food that cannot satisfy you. There is no man, husband or otherwise, there is not enough food, money, compliments or exercise in the world to allay your worries. Pot and cocktails can’t do it. Success and accolades can’t do it. Money and cardio regimes can’t do it. 401k’s and flattery can’t do it.

This insatiable appetite to satisfy your anxiety and insecurities can’t find anything in this world to gratify it. You are focused on the wrong husband. The wrong lord. The wrong Father.

You need the God of Jacob who is a rock and a fortress. The Lord who owns a thousand cattle on a thousand hills. In His house there is plenty. He is the lover of your soul –  so satisfied in you that he sings over you and rejoices in your beauty, your grace and your virtue.

In Him there is no shadow or variance. He is the doting father who delights in you and accepts you. Jesus is the friend you are looking for and the husband and the sibling and through Him is the way to the everlasting satisfaction.

Sons and daughters of the living God, the question is not can Jesus satiate you. The question is – are you hungry for the bread of heaven?

You can’t eat from the table of the Lord when your mouth is full at the table of demons. Spit that out. Come wash your mouth out with repentance. Come and taste and see how good the Lord is.

Author: Michael Kloss

There is a Sunday conscience, as well as a Sunday coat; and those who make religion a secondary concern put the coat and conscience carefully by to put on only once a week. - Charles Dickens

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